Sites That Will Improve Your Betting

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Here, we have compiled a list of all sites that every bettor should know of. The list includes a mix of the best betting tips sites, livescore sites, analysis sites, betting blogs, forums, betting twitter accounts, telegram groups, and discord groups. Feel free to contribute to the list by including your favorites in the comments […]

What is Draw no Bet?

Draw no bet

The draw no bet which is abbreviated as DNB, simply means you are eliminating a possibility of a draw and picking a winner. If they lose you also lose but if the match ends as a draw you get back your stake amount depending on the bookmaker’s policies. Betting on a draw no bet is […]

What is a European Handicap?

European handicap

Majority of us know more about the Asian Handicap than the European Handicap. The Asian handicap is more popular around the global but it’s not the only handicap option. Despite the Asian handicap dominating the betting industry the European Handicap is much older than the Asian and both are available on major betting sites. The […]

10 Common Sports Betting Myths

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In the ever changing betting industry, there are so many myths that punters globally believe. While some of the myths are almost true, the fact is most have not yet been proven to be true or false and this results in the myth creating different theories and speculations. A myth is simply a story made […]