Effective Dutching in Sports Betting

effective dutching in sports

In gambling this generally means sharing the risk by backing more than one selection especially on races or other sports events and aims at sharing the risk of losing. However one needs to make correct calculations on stake placed on each selections and should yield same return if any of them wins. The risk management […]

Introduction to Betting Theory: Sports Betting 101

betting theory

Everyday life requires us to learn basics before advancing to the next level just like football, tennis and many other sports events, we first learn the rules, how to score points among other things concerning the sport. Although betting is silently different depending on the bookmaker, there are a number of universal standards set and […]

How to Analyze Managers in Sports Betting

analyze managers in sports betting

Football is a numbers game. And numbers usually provide a likely possibility for football manager analysis and other bits of information. The coach is usually the architect of a team’s performance since the coach is in charge of both players and support staff. Numbers don’t necessarily mean that it’s all about home and away wins, […]

How to Bet on Cards in Football Sports Betting

bet on cards in football

In majority of sports events, players are usually booked for breaking the rules and the referee decides if a player is out of control or should be punished. In football the common cards are red and yellow while other sports events can sport different colours. Betting on football players to be booked is considered a […]

How to Predict Turnaround Victories in Sports Betting

ante post betting

They say there is no sure thing or betting event thay one can wager, no matter the teams in play, even in the case of an underdog vs a heavyweight. Turnarounds or as we like to call it in football ‘comebacks’ have become a common phenomenal in the field of sports whether its football, basketball, […]