Asian Handicap Betting Guide

Asian handicap betting guide

Today we take a detailed look into the popular Asian Handicap. The traditional AH is available in sports events but majority of punters prefer betting on football events rather than other sports events and common available bet markets are for corners and goals. We will first explore the Asian handicap meaning and some handicap betting […]

Effective Corner Betting Strategies

corner betting strategies

Betting on corners has gradually gained popularity among punters, especially on live betting. Majority of top bookies in the industry are offering their customers with variety of markets not only on the 3-way but also corners. Corner betting is consider a more profitable approach to betting since odds are relatively. Today we are going to […]

Basketball Betting Guide

Basketball betting guide

Basketball is one of the biggest sports in America. The popular American sports has over the years gained the attention of both bookies and bettors in the online betting industry. Basketball is played in the professional level with NBA being the most recognized league in the world. Despite such popularity not that many individuals outside […]

Is Paying For Betting Tips Worth It?

Are paid betting tips worth it

Online betting has over the years evolved to become a source of living with different ways to earn from betting. However apart from sportsbooks, a lot of youth have exploited the endless possibilities the online betting industry has offered and with tipsters emerging claiming to offer fixed odds or paid betting tips on pre-match events. […]

How Do Sports Betting Sites Make Money?

betting sites

Since the explosive success of sports betting sites in Kenya, quite a number of similar sports betting sites have been recently launched to take advantage of the current gambling craze. My quick estimates show that there are more than 20 similar websites registered and operating locally. Suffice it to say that online gambling is one […]