Sites That Will Improve Your Betting

sites that improve your betting

Here, we have compiled a list of all sites that every bettor should know of. The list includes a mix of the best betting tips sites, livescore sites, analysis sites, betting blogs, forums, betting twitter accounts, telegram groups, and discord groups. Feel free to contribute to the list by including your favorites in the comments […]

Multibet Betting Psychology

multibet betting psychology

The betting industry has different options on how the online betting companies work and there are a number of advantages and disadvantages on betting using multibets. The common theory is that we get a better chance of winning being on multibet bets than betting on the singles system and there has been a debt of […]

Multibet Betting Strategy

multibet betting strategy

The Multibet betting strategy is rather a favorite among professional punters and it is popular especially for sportsbook markets. Instead of placing a single bet we can place a combination of bets in a single wager to get a large payout. Multibet in more simple terms are known as accumulator bet (Acca) and we have […]

Low Odds Multibet Betting

multibet betting strategy

Multibet betting has over the years become a common trend among punters based in different parts of the world with online bookmakers offering mouthwatering offers on odds that encourage multiple low odds multibet strategies and has over the years been a favorite for many punters in the market. Although betting on low odds is considered […]

Multibet Betting Guide

multibet betting guide

The popular multibet has over the years attracted both professional punters and newbies. This is because the multibets are believed to be more profitable than singles bets. Majority of punters prefer multibet betting using different combinations and bet types to get a profit from multiple bets. Generally this is a risky strategy but if you’re […]

Betting on High Odds

betting on high odds

In punting, betting on high odds especially on sports events produces the highest payout possible and in most cases higher odds means that the potential of winning the high odds is not likely. Punters tend to shy away from high odds due to instincts and usually pick lower odds to get that better chance of […]

What is Draw no Bet?

Draw no bet

The draw no bet which is abbreviated as DNB, simply means you are eliminating a possibility of a draw and picking a winner. If they lose you also lose but if the match ends as a draw you get back your stake amount depending on the bookmaker’s policies. Betting on a draw no bet is […]