What is Draw no Bet?

The draw no bet which is abbreviated as DNB, simply means you are eliminating a possibility of a draw and picking a winner. If they lose you also lose but if the match ends as a draw you get back your stake amount depending on the bookmaker’s policies. Betting on a draw no bet is [...]

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What is a European Handicap?

Majority of us know more about the Asian Handicap than the European Handicap. The Asian handicap is more popular around the global but it’s not the only handicap option. Despite the Asian handicap dominating the betting industry the European Handicap is much older than the Asian and both are available on major betting sites. The [...]

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England vs Denmark Match Preview and Predictions

Time: 7th July, 2021 22:00 hours (Semi Final) England host the last of the semi finals at home to a dreamy run by Denmark who now stand in the way of England football team and a first major final since the 1966 World Cup.The English have had a resurgency in attack in recent games with Raheem [...]

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Italy vs Spain Match Preview and Predictions

Time: 6th July, 2021 22:00 hours (Semi Final) Italy take on Spain at Wembley Stadium this evening in the first of Euro 2020’s semi-final fixtures. The tie promises to be one of the most compelling matches of the tournament so far with both sides looking to reach the final against Denmark or England. For both [...]

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Ukraine vs England Match Preview and Prediction

Time: Saturday, July 3rd ,2021 22:00 hours(Quarter Finals) Ukraine and England are meeting on neutral grounds (Italy) at the Stadio Olimpico Rome for the final quarter final match with the Three Lions looking more dominant to win and Ukraine considered the underdogs for a shot at the finals. Ukraine are coming from a lucky win [...]

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Top 5 Sports to Place Bets On

The online betting market has a lot to offer from sports betting to casino games. Everyone can find a betting market that works for them and in most cases majority of punters prefer the sports since its reliable than virtual games. The advantage of sports betting apart from being available on majority of bookies in [...]

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Secrets of the Martingale Betting System

The Martingale betting system is among the oldest types of betting. It is basically guided by the principle of doubling down. Introduced in the 18th Century by the French national Paul Pierre Levy, a well known mathematician and this statistics concept holds that there is no way you can lose every time. In the Martingale [...]

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Introduction to Darts Betting

The popular bar game in most local bar joints in Nigeria is also available in online betting markets. Only this time professionals compete for titles or cups in official tournaments and not in bars/pubs. You may have noticed a circular shaped board placed on the wall of local joint where people come and play for [...]

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Introduction to Tennis Betting

Tennis is a popular sport played across the world either in major competition or for recreation and is ranked among the most exciting sports event after football. In modern punting, tennis betting is among popular the popular sports to bet on and despite this a small number of Nigeria based punters bet on the tennis [...]

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Introduction to Esports Betting

Esports also known as electronic sports, allows online betting on professional video games and their wagering rules are similar to the traditional sporting markets. The internet has had a major impact on the gaming industry with majority of esports betting coming from online tournaments that allow real players to participate in and are generally events [...]

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Time Management During Live Sports Betting

As the saying goes, time is money. And no where is it more crucial than in the realm of betting. Time affects both the bookmaker and the punters and since time lost can’t be recovered we can only manage it. Therefore punters try to beat the time by analyzing as many events as possible on [...]

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How to Analyze Managers in Sports Betting

Football is a numbers game. And numbers usually provide a likely possibility for football manager analysis and other bits of information. The coach is usually the architect of a team’s performance since the coach is in charge of both players and support staff. Numbers don’t necessarily mean that it’s all about home and away wins, [...]

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How to Bet on Cards in Football Sports Betting

In majority of sports events, players are usually booked for breaking the rules and the referee decides if a player is out of control or should be punished. In football the common cards are red and yellow while other sports events can sport different colours. Betting on football players to be booked is considered a [...]

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Ante Post Betting: When You Should Place Your Bets Early

The word long-term is self-explanatory but the word Ante Post betting is defined as betting on horse/ greyhound races by placing bets on bases that the market value is more favorable presently than when the market opens. The definition limits us to races but in the real sense it applies to most events that have [...]

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How to Predict Turnaround Victories in Sports Betting

They say there is no sure thing or betting event thay one can wager, no matter the teams in play, even in the case of an underdog vs a heavyweight. Turnarounds or as we like to call it in football ‘comebacks’ have become a common phenomenal in the field of sports whether its football, basketball, [...]

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