How to Place Winning Last Minute Bets

The last minute bet is usually a difficult decision when it comes to betting and requires one to be patient. Live betting (in play) matches are played until the last minute of the game and punters can decide to first watch the game, then bet during the 75th minute. One clear advantage about last minute bets is that you are better positioned to win due to real time data from the ongoing match.

last minute bets

Although it’s easier to win on the last bet than the pre-match, the odds are considered to be significantly low. Meaning we can’t easily break the bank unless a good stake amount is utilized. The key tip on last minute bets is to remain cool and opened minded, as well as a good betting strategy.

Self-control plays a part in your decision making and helps you avoid jumping into decisions without first getting to analysis and watch the match. The disadvantage of the last bet is that its time consuming since you are stack at one or two matches at time limiting the amount of bets to be covered.

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Also we have the challenging environment created by the bookie, whereby we have a consistent change in odds every minute and sometimes bookies close the specific markets much early due to the inevitable outcome. To avoid this we need to identify a good strategy measure to use and counter the bookies.

Bookies initial choices

The bookies constantly change their initial decisions as the match progress and in turn tend to offer even lower odds as well as moving towards the earlier picked favourite to win. It’s important to pay attention to the bookies odds movement like an example of a match favourite initially having an odd of 2.00 for the pre match odds.

Depending on the match the odds will keep on shifting especially if the opponent is tough the draw odds will be lower or the away team odds maybe high and if pay attention at the dying minutes of the match you will notice a shift toward the initial favourite to win. The bookie accounts real time data and the remaining time to keep bets on.

The challenge here is to avoid going against the bookie at this time since the odds offered especially the low odds are usually correct and going against such low odds to win on higher odds is considered a stupid idea since the bookie offers higher odds for the most unlikely outcome. The bookmaker doesn’t like losing money and will play a game of deceit with higher odds, the move back to the initial odds depending on the game.

The odds deception usually gets majority of greedy punters and the bookie will tend to move with the crowd effect until the dying minutes of the match whereby the move back to their original odds. In this case we expect the bookie to offer odds higher than the initial choice (2.00) odds and usually the odds don’t pass a given odd limit depending on the bookie.

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Last minute bets Analysis of odds

Odds should be your friend but the question is do you really understand why? Odds are given for each possible outcome. If you do, you may notice that bookies despite the case of moving to their initial decision then tend to adapt according to the match real time data and sticking to favourite may prove to be a wrong decision.

So how do we know that the bookie is forced to reconsider? Well the bookie will move away from the initial odds especially if their pick seems to be in more control and these is whereby we should avoiding going against the crowd. However we can find value in the odds by looking at the most likely outcome and by chasing lower odds we are also considered to be “safe” which is not the case.

A good example is whereby the favourite is in a 1-1 draw in 70th minute despite the data showing the home team has more shots on target or have taken more corners this simply means that their winning but this is not the case and betting on the home win can be a long shot with possibility of losing such a bet.

Spotting the Edge Point

Everyone one has pressure point and is not easy to notice. Finding that edge point can be important in a pressure filled match between top rivals or a favourite losing to an underrated team. The pressure build up during the match is the edge point and you may notice aggressive offensive attacks from the home team and this generally results with goals in final dying moments of the event.

The edge point sometimes depends on luck, let’s say you are betting on the next team to score and the favourite despite attempting all tactics fail to score in the 90 minute. Staying on edge can be both profitable and a huge lose to both stakeholders (bettor and the bookie).   In a difficult situation, it’s always important to remain calm to avoid making rash decisions that will affect the possible outcome and we may find it difficult to master self-control but it’s all worth it at the end.

The tactic here is to identify favourites to win and move away from possible draw results. We remain calm when we take time to analysis rather than picking a lot of games at once on the accumulator. The bookie usually backs the underdog on a draw but may shift their attention to the favourite home team win in an attempt of balancing and these requires a huge bankroll.

In conclusion, it’s important to find a strategy that works for you and prevents you from deviating from the initial goal. No one likes losing money but you can better your chances on last minute bets by analysing, finding the edge and being calm under pressure. Depending on luck only can’t provide a steady bankroll and is important to have that last minute bet strategy.

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