Betting Against the Draw

Being a popular strategy among punters all over the world, laying the draw literally means betting against the draw occurring and in order to win the game has to finish with a winner after regular time. This strategy is actually important especially if the teams are equally matched and there is a high possibility of the event ending as a draw, however they may be a possibility of a winner.

betting against the draw

Lay the draw has over the years spread like wild fire with bookmakers offering this betting type and has become a common tool for punters in the betting industry since is more profitable compared to other bet types that are riskier. Basically, the laying of the draw is avoiding the draw win in mostly football events and this strategy doesn’t apply to all sportsbook’s markets.

The draw occurring is considered like a no bet and therefore the bet is rendered void and the stake amount is returned. The odds of lay the draw are usually higher with punters having about 70% chance of winning the bet and may shrink too 30% on in-play games since the bookie is trying to avoid losses. Experienced punters usually use draw bets on most of their multi bets since the possibilities of winning are more likely than a match ending as a draw.

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Laying the draw on the right matches

Popular leagues have a strong history of more wins than draws especially if the leagues are extremely competitive like the premier league and the common theory is that the underdog usually don’t win matches against stronger opponents. Therefore, settling for a draw is unlikely since the stronger team wishes not to loss points to an underdog.

The numbers usually don’t lie on draws on top leagues with the average league spotting about 25% on the possibility of a draw and we therefore have a strong percentage of 75 as wining chance on the match.

However, punters counter this with lower odds on the ‘lay the bet’, making this strategy safe but not that profitable anymore. Another factor that determines the lay the draw options is when a league is at its dying stages, meaning that teams are playing an aggressive gaming style and therefore making draws almost impossible since teams don’t want to lose points.

This type of situations is generally recommended if you are looking to make a profit on no draws. We should try to avoid equally matched teams, since most of this teams prefer a draw than losing points to their rivals and most matched teams end the event as a draw.

Which actually suits both teams, also difficult matches between two best league teams from different countries which clash in different environment and may end the match as a draw.

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Lay the Draw example

Let’s say you are laying a draw in the premier league whereby a draw between Manchester City and Liverpool is about 4.50, using a stake of 50 € will get about 225 € if the match ends with a winner. The draw odds increase over time especially if a team has one goal lead of the other and if the game ends as draw by chance the stake you initially placed will be used to pay the punter who laid the no draw bet.  

Lay the Draw Strategies

  1. Pre-match. Laying the draw on pre match events have proven to be more profitable when you pick the draw option since the event has not yet started the bookie generated an accurate number and therefore the odds may be much higher than during the in-play match.
  2. Halftime/fulltime. Almost similar to the pre-match laying the draw and we place bets during the halftime or fulltime. In-play matches are popular markets if you are looking to place the halftime and fulltime draw prediction, however the odds are lower during this period.
  3. Betting on the halftime/fulltime score. The most profitable strategy on laying the draw, its only flaw is that such prediction on correct score are usually unpredictable and you may need some serious luck if you picking the correct score draw. An experienced punter may get such prediction correct and make a huge profit since odds on (0-0,2-2) are extremely high.
  4. Pre-match halftime draw. We can lay a halftime draw a day before the actually match starts and usually bookmakers offer exaggerated odds to encourage punters to place bets. Majority will move away from such a bet since the odds are to good to be true and by luck you may win a huge sum of money.
  5. Laying a draw correct score at fulltime results. Generally, the higher the odd the risker it is to win such a bet and correct score generally doesn’t improve the situation. Unless you are looking for a losing streak well, we don’t recommend this laying the draw on correct scores and always remember there are no fixed matches.

How to put the above strategies into play.

Laying the draw pre match

  • When you notice the predictions are not going well, we can always hit the panic button (cash out) since cash outs work before a match ends, we can try and get back part of the stake amount.
  • Back lower odd markets on the draw since both teams are not showing signs of giving in, the odds will automatically drop as the match comes to an end.

Laying the correct score draw at halftime

  • Be ready to cash out when teams are rigid to scoring and also observe how a team are attacking by comparing number of shots on target.
  • It may be wise to let the bet run sometimes their last-minute equalizing goals.

Laying the pre-match draw score we generally discourage correct score since the possibilities of winning such bets is one in a million and is consider bad luck to add correct score on a perfect multi bet slip. However there some people who actually win such strange bets and they purely depend on luck. Correct score on draws not recommended.

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