Live Betting Guide

Nowadays almost every bookmaker has invested a lot of time and money on live streaming features, which seems to be paying off due to the large number of new registered punters using this feature. Live betting is similar to watching the game at a stadium. With advanced software we can easily follow the match on our mobile phones and this also makes it convenient to bet on live matches among other sports events of the day.

live betting guide
live betting guide

Live streaming is more popular among the experienced punters since they use live head-to-head statistics that are updated regularly and make the gaming experience more entertaining. It’s also important to note that live streaming doesn’t only cover football events but also covers most of the sportsbooks markets like tennis, ice hockey, basketball and baseball among other world events.

On some of the top international bookmakers of the world used advanced technology whereby punters can actually watch the game and not the match tracker used to show ball movement on the pitch. This latest features uses more data but the gaming experience is greatly improved for customer satisfaction at the cost of higher data charges and therefore we should always use Wi-Fi if available.

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How to benefit from the live streaming feature while betting

  • Look for profitable winning markets: in most cases the odds may change with time and is always important to identify that profitable odd value and get that easy win. Also when choosing the most profitable open market always choose a logical approach sometimes the odds are higher for a good reason and pick unrealistic odds like 105.00 is just playing to loss that stake money.
  • We get to better understand how teams play: live streaming has enabled us to better understand how matches are predict and how teams play depending on each opponent. Therefore take time to watch the first half and get a better feeling of the game then bet on the second half.

Also check out different bet types sometimes the odds are relatively higher for some bet times that are possible winning selections. These easy steps make it easier to win since the outcome of the match can be determined in half the regular time.

  • Get the feel of the pitch: with bookmakers’ rushing to get that new live streaming software, we are therefore privileged to get a feel of the pitch since information on weather and pitch conditions are displayed. This makes it convenient to decide if a match will finish level or a winner is decided, with home teams playing well through the help of fans cheering them on its rare for them to loss the match and this should be seen as an advantage when betting.
  • Pick sports events that you understand better: sometimes is easier to make decisions based on previous knowledge gained from experience and this is backed 100% by the live streaming statistics that are constantly being updated.

For most punters football works just fine but for the minority other sports like basketball and tennis work better for them, we should our hobbies us advantages.

  • You should be a quick thinker: fast thinking people can easily analyse a match quick and pick the right selection before odds change. It’s always important to be quick and smart at the same time, although most of us luck this quality practice makes betting perfect. Sometimes just watch a match live through this feature you will get some experience each time a match is being played and therefore pretend you pick a specific odd, wait till the end to see if you won or lost that ‘bet’.
  • Let live streaming be your friend: friends will always help you at a point in time so be patient understand your gaming style and see methods that best fit your gaming style using live streaming. This has also shown some promising results since we become quick thinkers over time and can decide a game more quick since we have analyzed our gaming style, making it easier to win.

Sports events we can watch live

By now we have noticed that not all sportsbooks are watch on live streaming, some of the sports events that are unavailable are boxing, athletics, politics among other events. the common sports available on almost all bookmakers live streaming feature include; ice hockey, football, horse racing, tennis, basketball and football to mention a few.

Football generally has more bulky markets than any other event in the world, being the most watched event in the world we can get access to a number of top country leagues like Germany, England, Spain, and Italy among other African, Asian leagues. This doesn’t limit us and we can bet on multiple live events across different markets provided by the bookie but on watch live the option is only limited to one event at a time.

Not forgetting the popular E-sports that is mostly available through the seasons and is mostly help when to leagues have ended. This latest addition has made betting a normal work day for punters since its independent of other leagues calendar and therefore can be played through the whole year.

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What are the requirements to enjoy live streaming?

This feature is actually free depending on the online betting provider, so check reviews on the provider before joining them and check out their live streaming features. To get access to the live streaming first check if the website is lite version and turn this option of since it regulates the data used which greatly affects the live streaming features.

Also ensure your smart phone Android or IOS version support the bookmaker’s application and this makes it easier for the software used to run smoothly. Live streaming feature works better on the application version than the website despite having similar features the App is twice as fast as the website and we also recommend 4G or 5G enabled phones to get that fastest response time. When using live streaming, we recommend the use of WIFI and good internet connections.

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